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Thread: Windows 8. Immunization doesn't save after exit.

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    Default Windows 8. Immunization doesn't save after exit.

    I have Windows 8 Pro (64bit), fully update, and have just installed SpyBot 2 (free edition), again fully updated.

    However, Spybot (even with full Admin rights, and no other browser apps open) fails to save any immunization upon exit, even after application and checked re-application.

    The process I use:

    Close all browser windows, if any.
    Open Spybot with Admin rights.
    Click on Update tool.
    Update the definition files. ( updates)
    Check Status, to make sure. (...everything looks fine)
    Go to the menu Associated Tasks > Immunization.

    All 'issues' are displayed in the Uprocessed list, many hundreds of thousands.

    Both the Unprotected and Protected lists have nothing in them, they all show zero (0). As shown below:

    I click Apply Immunization.

    All issues move from Unprocessed to Protected.

    It states "All 218406 entires are immunized!" As shown below:

    I Check System (to be sure).

    It shows everything to be correct.

    I close the window, and close Spybot.

    However when I open Spybot again and go to the immunization window, all the immunized entries have moved back to the Unprocessed list, and the Unprotected and Protected lists all show zeros (0) again:

    What am I doing wrong?

    The Win 8 is a clean install with all system drivers correct and updated.

    I have the free Avast AntiVirus, but no additional firewall other than the standard bundled Windows firewall. I also tried updating and immunizing Spybot with Avast disabled to no avail.


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    You most probably are still Immunized,it just doesn't look like it.
    Please see here:

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    I had the same problem at first. Try undo , uninstall, then re-install. That worked for me, although I still went back to 1.6.2 because of Tea-Timer. Hope this helps. Spybot plays nice with the stuff you need, and not so nice with crap you don't!
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