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    Default Widgi.toolbar

    I posted a thread previously (Fixed: Widgi Toolbar 2012-06-02, 20:2) and added another problem I have after running a S&D scan today and the Widgi.toolbar showed up again.

    Was it alright to add to that thread even though it was marked "Fixed," or do I have to create another thread?
    My previous thread was answered and I was advised "This is not a FP as such. Nevertheless we adjusted our rules a bit so that these folders will not be flagged that easily anymore. Thank you."

    Why is it showing again?

    Can someone please refer to my original post so that I will know what to do with this Widgi.toolbar that is showing up after today's S&D scan?

    If it is 'dangerous' as the Wiki article states, shouldn't we use S&D's "Remove Selected?"
    Please advise as this has me very confused.

    Thank you.
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    I answered in your original thread since that makes it easier to see the history on events. It is better to continue a thread if you believe it is about the same issue.
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