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Thread: I don't like it

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    Default I don't like it

    I've spent hours downloading some large files only to find out that the downloads did not succeed the only thing on my computer that would affect my downloads is spybot. There is nothing wrong with the files that I've been trying to download.

    I've used Spybot for years and it worked fine for me. I've done a clean install, downloaded Spybot and it is totally changed, It's become more complicated. I'm middle aged and I don't have enough lifetime left to sit and read through all this stuff to find answers to my 2 questions which are

    1 a full immunization has taken place, will uninstalling spybot result in any problems?
    2 can I get back the old version.

    any speedy help would be appreciated please


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    To undo immunization before uninstalling,you could open Spybot-S&D Start Center,if you're using Windows Vista and higher,rightclick Immunization and select Run as Adminstrator,and click Undo immunization over to the left.
    Here are the Spybot 1.6 mirrors:

    Spybot 2.0 doesn't have resident protection anymore,so that shouldn't affect your downloads:
    Spybot 2 does have sdhelper,though I can't remember if that's enabled by default or not,or if you need to install it in settings.I don't believe that should affect anything downloaded,though.
    I'm not suggesting that Spybot absolutely is not the cause of your downloads not succeeding,of course.But sometimes when downloads are large they can become corrupted,etc. for a variety of reasons,so perhaps it could be because of another reason.

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