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Thread: win32.downloader.gen spybot not removing

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    Default win32.downloader.gen spybot not removing

    first time i've encountered something that SB is not removing.

    have to google and try to find info about how to remove this manually I guess. I've read the only way to be 100% sure any malware is gone is to reformat and reinstall windows. hate to do that but guess I can if I don't feel I've successfully remove this...

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    Did you open Spybot with a right click and choose "run as administrator"?

    If that does not help please run a scan in safe mode
    That should fix it.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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    Default Spybot in safe mode

    I just ran Spybot on a friend's computer and found some infections, including Win32.Downloader.gen, that Spybot didn't get rid of. I did what Sandra of Team Spybot says to do: restart in safe mode. I've used that before with other problems that Spybot finds but does not get rid of. In fact, I have never had that procedure fail to work.

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