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    Default External USB drive

    Can I use spybot to check and external USB drive? I have a drive from one of my other machines it has Win7 on it and I need to scan it. I connected it to my win8 machine and when I tried to boot it tried to boot into the Win7 drive.

    So I moved it to an external usb device and it still tried to boot into win 7. Finally I booted into my win8 machine and then turned on the external device and I can read all the files but I need to run spybot on it. It seems that spybot only runs on the machines C drive.

    How can I get it to find the external drive?

    Any help appreciated

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    you cannot select a single device for a scan. Spybot always scans all devices, so if you USB is detected from Windows as a device, it should be scanned.
    Please make sure you run the Scan with Administartor-Rights. (Rightclick -> Run as Administrator)

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