Ok, this is a litte Bug or Problem-Report for the new Spybot 2.1 into Professional-Mode, which appears on Windows 8 productive system.

Since, i did'nt install the Beta of Spybot 2.1 on productive system, i only dicover this problems now, when having it installed on a productive system and i discover it only on Windows 8 and only if Spybot 2.1 runs as Professional-Version.

This are the problems:

1. If Spybot is active, the boot-procedure of Windows 8 takes very long time, especially the init after the login-window of windows. During this longer init, Spybot causes a 90% disk-usage and a hight cpu-usage.

2. If you now dont wait for Spybot to fully load, before you start other Programs or open the Windows-Explorer, the Windows-Explorer freezes, it cant display the content of any device and metro-apps cannot acces the internet.

3. In some cases, the problem of point 2 leads into, that Taskmanager shows, Spybot as active with hight resource-usage all the time, but there is no Spybot-Tray-Icon shown and if you click the link for the Start-Center on Desktop, nothing happens, the Program dont even open, not as Admin and not as normal User.

Only a reboot of the System can solve the problem of point 3, but only if you now wait till Spybot stopped taking hight drive and cpu-usage.