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    Default Spybot Live Protection Annoying

    Hello, I have been a fan of Spybot for a long time, I even translated the old 1.x version of spybot to turkish.
    So I have purchased Spybot Professional edition v 2.1 without hesitation. But the live protection is very annoying. I have enabled live protection and checked all the checkboxes in there. (Scan programs before they start, scan using AS, scan using AV)

    Now it displays a popup on the lower left corner of the screen, whenever it scans a process. I think this is not needed. As it is the main job of AV applications to scan all started processes. And I do not need to be notified of each scanned process. So here is your scrum user story ( agile developers will know what I mean ) As a user I already assume that all processes are being scanned and that I am in safety so I dont need a notification.

    Also the scan progress is too slow. It almost takes up to 10 seconds in a 4 core 2.3 ghz machine with 8 gb ram. And this situation delays programs startup time. For instance all chrome tabs are opened as a new process. So when I open a new tab spybot starts scanning and int he mean time I write a Url and hit enter but it doesn't have any effect. To be able to open a web page the scan process must be completed which is unbearably slow.

    And I do not think disabling the live protection is a workaround It should be blazing fast.

    P.S : In the mean time spybotAV detected my own keylogger which I coded
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