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Thread: Spybot Vs. Kaspersky & Spybot 2.1 help!

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    Default Spybot Vs. Kaspersky & Spybot 2.1 help!

    So I updated to Spybot 2.1 yesterday and have been having some problems.

    Every 5 seconds kaspersky Pure 3.0 tells me that it denied application: Start center from downloading object .
    Event: Denied: (analysis using the database of phishing URLs)
    Reason: URL found in the database.
    When I exit spybot then the reports stop.

    Also when I did a system scan on SSD it came up with ~30 different things. I accidently clicked fix them which made me unable to connect to the net due to proxy problems which I had do fiddle with it to get internet access again. And did another search and it came back with ~30 things again. I am not sure if they are problems. In the old version I would find doubleclick or win.32...etc. If I got those again would I see them but with a note saying they are dangerous compared to regular finds? I don't really know what the things the scan brings up really do.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I'm sorry, this is a false positive from Kaspersky.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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