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Thread: Unsure Scan Results...?

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    Default Unsure Scan Results...?


    I am using Window 7 Pro, and Spybot 64 bit.

    After a scan I keep getting the same results and I don't know what exactly to make of it.

    I have created a "pdf" with screen shots and some brief text to make it easier to see what I am experiencing.

    Also, to the Administors, if I am in the wrong area please advise.

    To view the "pdf" please click on the following link:

    Thank you


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    Hi.No need to worry,you're in the right section of the forum.

    That result might be removed if you rightclick System Scan and choose Run As Administrator the next time you scan:

    What was found is named Interface(IspCommand).
    The TrojansC-05 listed over to the right is just the category that Spybot places that particular item found in,it isn't the actual name of it.
    The three files found in windows search are actually part of Spybot,and are not malware-related,so they aren't anything to worry about.
    You can see the .sbi file extension that is related to Spybot on this page,3rd item down:
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