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Thread: ZoneAlarm Virus update fails with SpyBot Prox on

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    Thumbs up ZoneAlarm Virus update fails with SpyBot Prox on

    Talk about 8 hours of research this should have been an easy fix. ZoneAlarm was no help in this matter. In the process of finding a solution I uninstalled SpyBot and found that the ZoneAlarm update worked. Next I reinstalled SpyBot, I love it you guys, and the problem came back. The ZoneAlarm virus database update failed with the error "Antivirus/Anti-Syware update: Error". This occurs after the progress bar shows 2% completed. I then looked in SpyBot for a way to allow the proxy or Zonealarm URL to be added as an exception but could not find one. That is my question. How do I do that and still turn on the SpyBot proxy. Turning off the proxy solves the problem with Zonealarm. Any help out there? The versions of ZoneAlarm was the Internet Security Suite and and Internet Security Extreme Suite Beta 11.0.761.0

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    please diable the Spybot Proxy.

    Open the Start-Center of Spybot, now click with the right Mousekey on the Menu "Settings" and choose "Run as Administartor" -> Windows may display a security-question, which you answer Yes.
    Into the next window go to the Register "Internet-Security" and siable the Option "Use Spybots own Proxy" and click Apply and OK.

    If this did'nt help, please make sure into the global Settings of Internet Explorer (Internetoptions -> Connection -> LAN-Settings) the option "Use a Proxy to access the Internet" is disabled!

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