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Thread: Removal of "teatimer"?

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    Default Removal of "teatimer"?

    I am using W7 laptop. I have been getting the following message: "Access violation at address 00401C55 in module "TeaTimer" write of address 000000000" Does this have anything to do with Spybot teatimer? I am using Version 1.6.2. I just ran my Spy-Bot and I have a clear report. This pop-up comes on when I access Firefox browser.

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    Yes,that has to do with Spybot Teatimer.
    The gist of "Access violation at address in module" errors I'm seeing in general is that sometimes it is caused by a program accessing memory that is already being used by a program that is already running.
    So,you could try rebooting if you haven't already,and see if the error goes away.

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