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Thread: SDFSSvc.exe is Uploading

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    Default SDFSSvc.exe is Uploading

    I've noticed that SDFSSvc.exe is uploading a lot. Is there a reason it is uploading and what is it uploading?

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    That would probably be part of the proxy which is active wjile you are accessing the internet.
    While this great feature filters Internet traffic of every application that accesses a www server through standard means, it can reduce your browsing performance to a sometimes annoying degree.
    You can test it by disabling it.
    Open the Spybot – Search & Destroy “Start Center“ and click on “Settings“.
    Choose the tab “Internet Connection“.
    Here you can untick the checkbox in front of "Use Spybot proxy".
    Now click “Apply“ and “OK“.

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    Question SDFSSvc.exe is in my Processes too

    -- but I don't have Live Protection, as this thread mentions:

    At least I don't think I have it; I have only the FREE v. 2.2.

    In Settings under Internet Protection, the "Use Spybot proxy" box is unchecked.

    This .exe file is taking up 72,136K of my memory usage and is the 3rd largest user of memory in Processes. If it's doing nothing at all, why is it there? Can I get rid of it somehow?

    Suffice it to say that I am not overly pleased with my update to v. 2.2.

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