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Thread: When will Chrome get some attention?

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    Angry When will Chrome get some attention?

    I would love to donate to S&D but it is disheartening to watch it scan all the Internet Explorer history, which takes about 2 seconds, as I never use it, so it has no history! Meanwhile I am getting hijacked by this new Beijing menace, V9 and cannot get rid of it in settings, control panel Programs, or anywhere else. It has the ability to bypass all Internet Options, and browser settings on all the browsers.

    Chrome is now nearing the 'most popular browser in the world' status, so why not let Bill Gates handle his own messes and do a little R&D on Chrome? Please?


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    This issue is and was on our list of To dos. Please be assured we already tried several times to support Chrome, but the quick changing of versions going along with changing the function needed for supporting Chrome made this task quite difficult.

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    Default Chrome is my PRIMARY browser!

    It may be difficult to include considering the upgrade cycle of Chrome But THAT is why so MANY people are moving to Chrome. My precious favorite was FireFox. NEVER use IE unless it's one of those colluding sites that require it (i.e IRS, VA, certain insurance companies. Makes you wonder what the "lock in is"! How ever the IE emulator add in in Chrome is ALWAYS my 1st step when I run into one of those sites. I, as the above poster want/plan to upgrade &/or donate to your product but am waiting for better Chrome support.

    All the same......
    THANK YOU for a wonderful software suite that I relay on regularly with little to no problems. Of course, I ALWAYS make a full registry backup - the old fashioned way. Right click the top folder in "regedit" and export to a separate drive. I use a descriptive name for the backup and then highlight it in the save dialogue box. Next - I create a system restore point and paste the name from regedit into it and save to a different internal drive. Then I proceed w/SBS&D.

    I also create a "system image" of my boot drive EVERY week and save it to one of my additional drives (6 additional drives [I do video & advertising layouts, two external sata drives & a two bay NAS. The boot drive and all other drives are automatically backed up (Acronis) to the NAS AND two different Cloud Storage services (encrypted).

    Not trying to claim "bragging rights"! I'm on a very tight budget & am not rich. My work is my "bread & butter" I have been permanently disabled for 8 years. I cannot afford to loose anything! For those of you who do not do regular backups - BEWARE! Disasters happen when you can least afford/expect it. There are many "freeware" BU suites that do a perfectly good job. My Acronis suite cost aout $40.oo if I recall correctly?

    Again - THANK YOU SpyBot! Your product is TOP NOTCH!!!

    Regards to all,
    Jim Grigg / NC

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