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Thread: crash windows explorer

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    Default crash windows explorer


    The new version of spybot causing windows Explorer crash (windows 7), when using right click, to context menu.

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    Default This bug is still not fixed


    I'm using the latest release of Spybot S&D (thank you guys, you make a great work), and the bug related by Dominuss is still not fixed. I experienced it on two different computers : home desktop and professional laptop, both with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bits (French version). Windows Explorer used to crash each time I was using right-clic, I uninstalled Windows Explorer 64 bits integration in Spybot S&D settings, and now Windows Explorer no longer crashes using right-clic.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Default seem to be fixed in 2.1 SR2

    hi arnauden, what version of spybot do you have installed on your Windows 7 computers?

    I've recently installed Spybot 2.1 SR2 on Windows Vista and Windows 7, which came out a few weeks ago and installed & enabled windows explorer integration (both 32bit and 64bit under a PC using Win7 SP1 x64 edition + KB2775511 hotfix rollup), and I no longer receive any more explorer crashes when right-clicking in windows explorer.

    if you are still getting explorer crashes in Windows 7 after installing Spybot 2.1 service release 2, try installing the following windows 7 hotfixes/updates: (obtain from Microsoft update catalog) (improves messaging in dialog boxes when running certain EXE files) (fixes a crash in windows explorer) (recent hotfix for explorer.exe)

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