Note: Since I ran a full system restore to a prior point it is doubtful that running a log will help, if you think I still need to I would be happy to. My worry is that I was infected and information may have been sent to compromise the security of my bank accounts and so forth just by going to the site mentioned. I am mainly hoping for peace of mind as this forum is the only one I trust. I understand the follow up procedure and apologize for not following up in the past.

I hope you can help me, or at least let me know if I should be worried (I already am) I posted an ad on craigs list. and received a reply Via Text Message that had pics attached to it. This isn't that unusual as I do grapics design and website building so a number of my clients have sent me pics in the past. I clicked on the message using my smartphone and I couldn't see anything. I'm usually very causious with my pc but I had a momentary lapse of idiocy and copied the url from my text to my computer. I didn't notice anything happen nor did i recieve a request to Download anything like a pic viewer or anything like that. The pictures were in the format .jpg.gmp and directed me to a site called I found it odd and did some looking online and a ton of people were saying that they may have gotten infected by it. Now I didn't notice anything, it didn't ask me to download anything but I am worried that maybe by going to the site I may have gotten infected so I quickly contacted my investment company and changed the password to my savings just in case and did a system restore on my computer to a prior restore point. I also ran S+D and AVG virus scans and they didn't pick anything up. Can you please let me know if I should be worried? Do I need to change all my passwords? I'm kicking myself as I should have been smarter with this. I usually never open or answer texts like that.