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Thread: Spybot crashing when I click on start Center icons

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    Default Spybot crashing when I click on start Center icons

    I updated Spybot within the last week and reconfigured some of the Settings. But now, with Settings and almost the other icons I am getting crashes. When I click on the icon, I briefly see the Run as Administrator window. Then Crash Doctor quickly comes up and tells me I have performed an illegal operation, and the program goes down when I choose Debug or Recover or whatever else. If I chose Modify, I just get the lockup icon on my screen.

    I was able to bypass the Start Center and do a quick Rootkit Scan and some other tasks from my All Programs.

    I checked, and I still have Administrator status on my computer. The same crash happens when I click on View. What could be going wrong?

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    what version of Spybot do you have installed AND what version of Windows are you using and check whether you are using a 32bit or 64bit version of Windows.

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