I have had major problems with my PC for a week or so. I cannot complete some downloads using Firefox or Chrome browsers ( e.f HTML-Kit or the current version of Spybot that I purchased. I have been using Spybot for years and actually made a donation in the past because I think you guys have developed a great tool. But now it seems to have failed as well a my McAfee subscribed antivirus software.
First I was not able to put this note into the Forum because I do not understand the logic of the forum site and I did send this by e-mal. But. Now I have figured how to post. I followed the instrucution in the Forum about Malware problems

It took me a while to read all the preconditions for posting in Forum. As recommended by tashia I downloaded ERUNT and made a backup of my registry.
DDS- -->I had problems downloading DDS and after rooting several times I was able to run it it to a point where my my PC froze
aswMBR --> does not download at all and my PC freezes

I uninstalled Spybot as mentioned above to get rid of tea timer.
Can you please help? http://forums.spybot.info/images/smilies/Snorkle.gif
Thanks, Dietmar