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    Default Hotspot Shield

    Spybot detects Fraud.HotspotShield as "very critical" malware and deletes everything necessary for Hotspot Shield (by AnchorFree) to run. Spybot indicates that Fraud.HotspotShileld says that it is anti-spyware, but then sends the user a list of risks, telling them they must by a license to have those risks removed.

    The HotspotShield (by AnchorFree) removed by Spybot, however, has never sent me a message about "risks on my computer" or told me I needed to buy a license to remove those risks. In fact, it gets 5-stars from CNET - see their review at They note that Hotspot Shield is a VPN providing security on open networks.

    It would be great if someone at Spybot took another look at what's being detected and removed for Hotspot Shield (by AnchorFree)

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    Post Confirm

    thank you for reporting this issue, it will be corrected with the next detection update scheduled for Wednesday 2013-09-11.

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    Default HotSpot Shield

    I am having the same problem on
    one of my PC's (I have 3)

    Spybot tags HSS on one computer
    only as being a serious threat level

    Rule #B6D75DF2

    It's a royal PITB to have to continually
    uninstall and reinstall HSS (I don't always
    find all of the instances)

    Will greatly appreciate a fix for this

    Thanks karen

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    Default Confirmed. This issue will be fixed on 2013-09-11.

    Thank you very much for reporting this issue. We have updated our MalwareC database. It will be published today, 2013-09-11.
    Please help us improving Spybot and download our distributed testing client.

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