Issue with Spybot adding cookies to the Opera browser.

This is not the first time I've noticed this behaviour but the first I've been able to identify Spybot as the possible culprit.


I was browsing w/Opera 12.16
Finished and went to Tools > Delete Private Data
Delete Session Cookies and Delete All Cookies is selected
Delete Private Data (again) > Manage Cookies and there are ***No cookies***

I then decided it would be a good time to update Spybot.
I updated and Immunized and it shows Opera 12.16 with 193 cookies it cannot protect. There is also an 8Kb cookies file.

This does not happen on my Win XP machines using Spybot 1, only on Windows Vista SP2 and Spybot 2.

Has anyone else reported this issue?

As Opera 12.16 is my primary browser this is a big deal to me.

Any assistance Greatly appreciated.

Cookies file is attached as well Opera settings DelPrivateDataSettings.jpgcookies4_dat.txt.