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Thread: Not a FP: JDownloader ElectroLyrics

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    Default Not a FP: JDownloader ElectroLyrics

    I install SB after years of not using it to get rid of some adware called ElectroLyrics.

    It letted the adw intact but erased my jdonwloader application

    man, things have changed!! you have changed! .. for bad

    f you forever!!

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    Hello tekel,

    Quote Originally Posted by tekel View Post

    f you forever!!
    Interesting but unproductive comment.

    How to report Possible False Positives

    Kind regards.
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    Default JDownloader is PUPS, ElectroLyrics is Adware

    Hello tekel,

    JDownloader is classified as PUP/PUPS, a potentially unwanted program. You may restore your installation from the recovery/quarantine archives.

    I decode your post as a 'Request for additions to Spybot's detections' for the adware ElectroLyrics. Therefore closing this thread.

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