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Thread: spybot detects zone alarm and zone alarm toolbar as montera.toolbar

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    Default spybot detects zone alarm and zone alarm toolbar as montera.toolbar

    sorry for reposting this in advanced. i just saw the forum rules and realised my 'added info' post in the following thred.

    i realised by doing that it would mark my thred as already replied.

    ok, so i updated zone alarm and installed the toolbar for it and now spybot is poping up with a detection of 9 registry entries. on both my girlfriend's and my computer.

    i know it's zone alarm because both me and my partner downloaded and installed an update for zone alarm today. we both go on diffrent sites and have diffrent historyies and the one common denominiator is that we use the same security package, it is the paid version and the update was the application itself asking us to download the newer version via a link.

    windows 7 64bit
    version 1.6.2 updated yesterday.
    it was a search result

    i have attacked the results as a txt document.
    added info

    also i scanned with malwarebytes, windows defender and zone alarm and they all say i'm clean.

    i'd like to know if it's a false positive or not soon, also as a side note dose spybot have an ignore list i can use for results. that way i don't accedentially delete it while i wait.

    because this is a copy thred of an already existing one i appologise in advanced and ask that the original thred be deleted if at all posible to avoid confusion.

    the thred link is

    i hope i get a response soon confirming my suspision that it is a false positive.
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