I have Trend Micro and the Trend Micro 2014 upgrade was just offered to me and I took it. Their install program left me without antivirus when i declined to uninstall Spybot (i was forced to uninstall and reinstall Spybot). Now that i see you all now have antivirus too, i shall call about being refunded the balance of my subscription with Trend Micro (when they bother to open their offices -- they are Pacific time).

I left them this comment btw:

"Spybot Search and Destroy

an hour ago

I don't appreciate being forced to uninstall Spybot Search and Destroy when your install program left me without antivirus when I chose to not uninstall it. I choose what applications I use YOU do not. I shall go through the trouble of reinstalling Spybot now and if your software gives me trouble then I shall use the antivirus they recommend instead. I have had no beef with Trend Micro, but does your company really want to risk losing customers by annoying them?"


Those guys seem to have set up their software just to be petty.