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Thread: Help i am going crazy

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    Default Help i am going crazy

    This all started I think when someone hacked my vbulletin being hosted by Yahoo now it is now.

    I would get I think they call it hyper links when opening a site page words would be a different color and underlined and adds pop up each time it gets worse.

    I have a screen shot of this page big box on left side of the screen and then a video add starts to play in a smaller box on the right side of the screen.

    I tried spydot free version seemed to get rid of this but now has came back worse. I bought the professional version of spydot for tow computers ran a scan three times but this is still on my system.

    I am not to good with computers but make FREE web sites now and then for non profit org using Yahoo site maker this problem has me going crazy.

    Will try to inset the picture of the screen to show you what this is doing.

    Any help will be a blessing I have no idea ow to get this off my system.

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    Ok I am 99% sure what I picked up called a Related Search "T" sidebar but spudot does not destroy it I even started the Windows 7 pro 64bit in safe mode and ran spydot but this is still there.

    Maybe I am using spydot the wrong way I rin the scan then pick fix at the bottom of the list it shows it found this has me nuts I am about to format my HDD and reinstall my software but hate to do that.

    Anyone know how to get rid of this T sidebar guess it is webcake adware maybe?
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    Hello rvman,

    Sorry to hear of the problem, did you elevate administrator permissions before running a Spybot scan?

    How can I get administrator rights under Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8?

    How many computers are infected and are they networked?

    Best regards.
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