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Thread: How can I whitelist my bank

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    Default How can I whitelist my bank

    Online banking requires a cookie on your computer as well as the usual log in process. Each time I run a Spybot scan, it removes this cookie. As a result I have to choose between constantly reregistering my computer with several banking sites or not scanning.

    How can I solve this problem?

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    You could set Spybot not to scan for usage tracks.That would stop it from removing cookies entirely.
    If you'd prefer to do that,open Spybot-S&D Start Center,checkmark Advanced User Mode,click Settings(saying yes if you get a UAC prompt.),click categories,and somewhere within the Spybot window select spyware scan only.

    If you'd rather still scan for usage tracks,then you could uncheck Cookies before pressing fix selected.(Though that might not work out to well if you have the scheduled scan set for the beginning of each month,though.

    Or,you could have Spybot just ignore cookies.After your next scan,just rightclick cookies in the list and select 'Ignore selected item in the future.'

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