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    Hi..I have scanned my computer with Norton System works and everytime i do there are 5 temporary files that the program cannot fix or delete...then i scan with spybot and it does not show those files...i tried to delete the file perflib_perfdata_4ec.dat located in C:\windows\temp but it cannot be removed..the other 4 temp files are located in a file thet i cannot find when i search them with windows search, like if he temp file was invisible...why is that..can anyone please provide information about the solution to this matter?


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    It is possible that if you have Spybot S&D’s TeaTimer (or a similar program) enabled it might interfere with removal depending on any registry changes that may have taken place.

    To disable TeaTimer:
    • Open Spybot>click on Mode>check Advanced Mode
    • Check yes in the warning window that will pop up.
    • Click Tools in bottom left hand corner.
    • Click on Resident icon in the Tools menu.
    • Uncheck the box next to Resident TeaTimer (Protection of all-over system settings) active.

    Close SpyBot-S&D

    Remind yourself to turn teatimer back on later.

    Run your anti virus program.

    Other than that I'd recommend you follow the procedure as I posted to you here:

    Topic in malware removal.

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