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Thread: Spyware dropper exe, spybot helpless? URL included

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    Exclamation Spyware dropper exe, spybot helpless? URL included

    Hi, my buddy asked me to help him remove some spyware from his pc.
    I retraced what he did.

    He got an exe from here and ran it:


    Spybot SD cannot remove it.
    Every day it comes back with some advert to buy the removal tool.

    I thought the S&S guys might want to try the exe to get some practice to remove some new spyware and block some more sites.

    Help please.

    Please do not link to cracks.
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    If you have downloaded by any method; cracks-warez-keygenerators, the odds are you already have an infected computer.
    Even visiting such a site can give your computer multiple infections. Not to speak of the legalities.

    If you would like to receive assistance and possibly find new malware that could be submitted for detections; please follow the instructions in this sticky topic:
    "BEFORE you POST" -Preliminary Steps

    Then start your own thread here:
    Malware Removal Forum

    A helper would advise you as soon as available.

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    Default I also have this problem:(

    HI! I have ead your post and i also have this prob from the same site:(
    It is a bgates.exe!!!! How am i going to delete it?? Spybot S&D does not find it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stef990 View Post
    ... i also have this prob from the same site:(
    It is a bgates.exe!!!! How am i going to delete it??
    Consider following the same suggestion that tashi gave to vision.

    To reiterate:

    Consider posting in the Malware Removal forum and having someone take a look at your system.

    The instructions for running preliminary scans, producing logs and posting in that forum outlined in the following reference:

    After completing those steps, start a new thread (topic) in the following forum:

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