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Thread: 400 Bad Request messages

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    Default 400 Bad Request messages

    Recently I have been getting "400 Bad Request Messages" for sites that I click on and want to go to and also for pages that I have bookmarked and used last month, but now can not get to no matter what I do. It has to be be some update that I've run that considers these sites "bad" because I have used them many times before. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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    If your hosts file is immunized by Spybot,that prevents going to certain sites listed in it,but I believe that usually results in a "Page cannot be displayed" or an "Unable to connect message",depending on your browser,and I can't find anything where a 400 Bad Request message is displayed.

    May I ask what version of Spybot you're currently using,whether you're seeing the 400 Bad Request message in more than one browser,and what operating system you're using?

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