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Thread: no help anywhere for this hijacker

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    Unhappy no help anywhere for this hijacker

    I am a bit disappointed. I have been using spybot for years now and recently a new hijacker came out called it hijacks your home page, your search engines and every time you remove it from your browser the next time you open the browser it's there again.

    I ran spybot when I restarted my computer, I ran spybot as an administrator and it is not helping me one bit with this hijacker.

    Tere is absolutely no help on the web for the people who are not "computer programmers"?

    Everyone is complaining about this dosearches and even though I was able to rely on spybot to keep my computer safe until now, I have to look for a software that will get rid of this annoying horrible malware :(

    I found this page but I am too scared to remove files with windows name on it, so if you are OK with it, try it.
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    Hello GraceG,

    Unfortunately many of these unwanted programs are bundled with other software which include optional installs that are often pre-checked.

    Someone can take a look at the system if you start a topic in the Malware Removal Forum where a volunteer analyst will advise when available.

    First see that forum's FAQ which also includes instructions in post #2 on how to provide DDS and aswMBR logs, which are used in the preliminary analysis.

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    Default Please update and rescan...

    Hello GraceG,

    we added signatures for a few '' variants to our database on 2013-11-20. Please update and rescan your system. E.g. Win32.Agent.exq should be triggered on your system. It is possible that your browser links are modified. In that case I would advice to delete them.

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