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Thread: Windows 8.1 64 bits & 3 accounts, 3 scans?

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    Default Windows 8.1 64 bits & 3 accounts, 3 scans?

    Windows 8.1 64 bits

    A) is Spybot search & destroy v 2.2.25 (free version) fully adapted to windows 8.1 64 bits with several user accounts?
    The windows compatibility web page says yes, but my compatibility application says no, runtime error run time error 217 at line 304BED64

    in my PC I have 1 administrator account + 1standard account (for daily use) + 1 guest account.

    B) shall I run each scan from each of the 3 accounts, or I get the same result if I just do 1 scan in the administrator account?

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    This is posted on the website:

    If you run the System Scan as administrator it should cover just about everything in each account,I believe.This is a very dated post,but on checking on my own computer(Windows 7) with a short spybot scan,my own cookies and cache were found and the other user's cache and cookies from Internet Explorer were not shown,just their Firefox cookies.So,this post should still hold true:
    Quote Originally Posted by md usa spybot fan
    The entire system is scanned for most malware. However, because of restrictions in the Microsoft APIs (Application Program Interfaces) used by Spybot, the scan from one account does not include the Internet cache or cookies of other accounts.
    In short,you shouldn't need to scan all 3 accounts separately,the only thing that wouldn't be scanned on the other accounts should just be only cache and cookies.

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