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Thread: Possibly similar problems, doesn't look like SDFSSvc.exe

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    Default Possibly similar problems, doesn't look like SDFSSvc.exe

    I'm experiencing an email hijack problem since Saturday 11/16, perhaps a day earlier. Checked out the SDFSSvc.exe signature, which looks legit. NEVER had this kind of problem before. Similarly, nothing detects anything, Spybot, Hijack tools, Avast, Defender, etc. Somehow, something is trying to send spam/junk emails through one of my accounts. I changed the email password, it stopped for awhile, then I read about clever viruses that detect the password change and get back in business. About an hour later, I started seeing them again. They get rejected by my email service for having too many recipients, so hopefully they aren't actually going anywhere. I changed the password again from a different system, waiting to see if that stops it. No new unusual software recently installed, and I'm behind a router.

    I suppose I'm hoping somebody turns up something that leads to a resolution.

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    Hello SkipHill,

    Please list:

    • Version of Spybot
    • The operating system
    • All security programs installed
    • Any issues with the computer's performance other than the email problem.

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