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Thread: TeaTimer HDMP in Win 2003 Pro Server

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    Question TeaTimer HDMP in Win 2003 Pro Server

    I'm getting consistent high dumps in ~\WINDOWS\PCHealth\ERRORREP\UserDumps\TeaTimer.exe.(date-string-string).hdmp
    The file can get as high as 2GB!!
    Can this be deleted?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It says here that those files are created when a program crashes:
    I can't see that you deleting TeaTimer.exe.(date-string-string).hdmp would be of any harm if you'd like to regain the space.

    I don't have a computer that had teatimer on it to compare and figure out what's normal.But that seems like quite a lot.Is teatimer crashing a lot or anything?

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