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Thread: Very long run times

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    Default Very long run times

    When I run SB 2.3 beta, it takes over 3 hours to complete, with 90+% of the time spent scanning for "Other" malaware products. This is way too long when compared to many other antivirus scanners. I don't think the product will be successful with the antivirus scanning enabled unless something can be done to lower the overhead.


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    Default no "quick scan" or "custom scan" options?

    the most surprising (and most frustrating) omissions from the recent stable & beta releases of Spybot AV is the Quick Scan and Custom Scan options that should be listed on the Spybot Start Center program. at least the latest versions of Malwarebytes Antimalware and Lavasoft Ad-aware have a "Quick Scan" option in case a user doesn't want to perform a full system scan.

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