I am not that familiar with the forums and don't know where I should search for or ask this question.
Let me know and I'll take my post there.

I have SpyBot Home edition.
Here is my issue.
Every so often my system just bogs down, CPU is a 100%.
I go to task manager to see what processes are running.
One time I had over 50 SDONACCESS.exe running!
What the heck is that all about? I understand it is a Spybot process.
Can someone point me to a post that might talk about that and what it is?
Or tell me what it is and whether that is my problem.
I can understand a few of them running, but why so many?
Then after a while, they go away, and my system get back to normal, sort of.
It just stalls my browser to a standstill.
I don't know if it is SDONACCESS.exe or not that is causing my slow down.
Can someone help me out here?
Thanks ... Bob