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Thread: What Forum should I ask about SDONACCESS.exe? Why so many are running concurrently.

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    I had the same issue. I think it might be tied to Live protection, specifically the option listed "Scan programs before they start" because I never got this issue before I enabled that. For now I booted in safemode then moved both SDOnacess.exe to my desktop to stop them causing me problems and it fixed it.

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    Default SDOnAccess.exe persists in popping up...

    A l o h a ! To you all ~
    Why won't this text editor work? Clue me in on the little trick for activation (as a designer it irks me not to personalize my messages).
    Now...on to the SDOnAccess.exe problem; The best answer, in my opinion, is the last post, April 2014, where he advises to let it fester on the desktop and no more difficulties. I like that.

    What's the REAL solution?

    ~ M a h a l o ~

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