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Thread: Slow Computer svchost.exe uses 50% CPU Computer SLOW

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    Default Slow Computer svchost.exe uses 50% CPU Computer SLOW

    Found this after an update and scan!

    svchost.exe was using 50% CPU and lost network/internet connectivity

    Seems the HOSTS file was so large it caused a dns cache overload or something.

    Removed most of the entries MAD by SPYBOT and everything is back to normal

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    Sounds to me more, as if you have some Spyware / Junkware or PuPs on your System, which try to contact the Internet in background.
    Since some of this sites /urs might be blacklisted from Spybot, this connections cannot be resolved, but because the Adware trys again and again, this ends up in a loop.

    As you removed the entrys in the Hostfile, the connections could be resolved again and the loop did end.
    However, i would recommend a full Scan with Spybot to remove unwanted entrys.

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