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Thread: FalconFour Disc Malware Detection

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    Default FalconFour Disc Malware Detection

    OS: Windows 7
    Browser: I am primarily a Chrome user, but I have FireFox and IE also on my system. Regardless, this question should be irrelevant.
    Running good old Spybot 1.6.2, fully up-to-date as of this posting.

    Okay, so I am trying to make an updated disk with this suite on it:

    I downloaded (torrented, as it was the only option) the 4.6 ISO. Everything seems fine. I then went to apply the 4.61 patch using the .exe (and other files in the .zip) that is provided on the site, using the technique described (dragging the .iso onto the .exe), and Spybot immediately prompted to shut it down (killing the .exe), pinning it as Bancos.prx. I want to know if this is a false positive, or if perhaps the wonderful FalconFour disk actually has been bundling malware, even if by accident, which immediately makes me suspicious of running it on my machines. Can anyone look into this for me?

    [Reposted after accidentally posting here: I apologize.]

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    Thank you for reporting this false positive. It will be fixed with the next detection update.

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