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Thread: sdfssvc.exe using 1.2 GB RAM

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    Default sdfssvc.exe using 1.2 GB RAM

    For quite some time, the sdfssvc.exe keeps using huge amounts of memory, it usually starts after I open the PC and connect to the internet. The program starts from a MB (50-60), and grows to a 700mb-1GB-1.2GB.
    I have no idea why is this happening, if I close the .exe from task manager, after a few seconds the .exe restarts and the RAM gets occupied eventually. I’m using the 2.2 free version. And kaspersky internet security 2013 I know in the past there were some problems between spybot and KIS. Oh, and I’m using Win 7 ultimate X64.
    If anyone has an idea, or could help…

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    Default SDFSSvc.exe Sucks

    > If anyone has an idea, or could help…

    Apparently no one has any ideas. Or at least no response from anyone who can help.

    My older WIN XP SP3 machine also uses hellacious amount of RAM and sucks the lifeblood out of my machine via SDFSSvc.exe so I am close to getting rid of the entire
    program. I see the beta 7 version does nothing to improve the situation.

    None too hopeful.

    Wayne R.

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    SDFSSvc.exe is....the scanner service.
    Okay,might be able to do something with that.
    What's the beta 7 version,is that windows 7 beta?

    This is the description included for the scanner service:
    System service responsible for scanning single files during on-access or custom demand scans, as well as internet connections.
    So,if you disable it,you might not be able to scan single files,from the looks of it.
    Also,the Spybot proxy will not work.
    Unfortunately,I'm not entirely certain if that has anything to do with Live Protection.If you have Spybot 2.4 free edition,anything with Live Protection doesn't matter,though.
    If you have a paid version of Spybot 2.4 and use Live Protection,let me know before doing what I posted below.

    If you have the free version of Spybot 2.4,and are ok with not having the other things mentioned,then open Spybot Start Center,checkmark Use Advanced Mode,click Settings(click yes to UAC,if applicable),click the System Services tab,click Stop beside Scanner Service,then remove the checkmark beside Active after every reboot.
    Now click the down arrow,then click Uninstall,then Apply and OK.
    If you do that,it will uninstall Scanner Service(SDFSSvc.exe).You will be without some things,but it should let you be able to run Spybot(hopefully).Please let me know how it goes.

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