I vaccined my computer 2 days ago and since around this day, I cannot play FLV movies from an adult website (motherless.com) with Chrome. I tried to turn AdBlock off and reboot : same problem.
It seems that all URLs from *.motherlessmedia.com aren't loaded when they are called from motherless.com, but if I copy/paste the video's or picture's URL in the address bar, I can display or download the file ! It happens with Chrome. However, it's ok with IE and Firefox ! The video is loading properly.

Do you think the vaccination could have blocked something only in Chrome ? For information, I cancelled the vaccination + uninstalled/reinstalled Chrome and it didn't solve the problem.
What tests can I do to exonerate Spybot's vaccination, or to fix the problem permanently ?
Optionally, how can I remove manually all Spybot's blockings ?

Thanks for your help !