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Thread: Possible root kit Virus?

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    Default Possible root kit Virus?

    Hi.. My laptop shutdown unexpectedly while playing game. When i restart my laptop , it reboots with my desktop wallpaper not appearing and i cant run any program. Everytime i try to open a file or run a program it give me error like 'Access Denied' or 'path does not exist' and sometime ask if i want to delete the shortcut. this problem occur b4 but it resolved when i enter safe mode with networking and do run some antivirus and malware program which im not sure if that solved the problem but, when i restart the laptop after several try in normal mode, it was ok.this method doesn't seem to work anymore.... So i restart the laptop enter safemode with networking and run the S&D Rootkit Scan with this results:-

    Should i delete any of these results? pls help.
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    Hello malai,

    Could you copy paste the log into this thread please, a look at other members threads in this forum will show what that would look like.

    Also what is the operating system please.

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