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Thread: Spybot's Future

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    Default Spybot's Future

    After I had'nt Spybot installed on my computers for some time; except the test versions (closed beta), which have not been used on a production system; because I was rather disappoint of the development of the versions 2.1 and 2.2, I now have Spybot 2.3 installed again and can tell, Spybot 2.3 is the best of the 2.x releases, the most knewn Bugs have been solved well and overall Spybot 2.3 is working like a charm, except from some issues on Windows 8, which are located into Windows.

    So now i think Spybot have with Spybot 2.3 an good basis for NEW DEVELOPMENTS, or how else will the future of Spybot look?
    I think, the time, where Spybot only made cosmetically changes and improvements into new Releases, have now to be over and NEW FEAUTURES have to be developed!

    So here are my suggestions for the most necessary Feautures:

    - Since Spybot 2.3 already have the Live-Protection, which allows Spybot to scan the System more efficient;
    and the old, but good TeaTimer, of Version 1.6.2 is still working, even on new Operating-Systems, such as Windows 8,
    Spybot MUST bring back the TeaTimer-Function into the 2.X-Serias (!!), because many users want this. (me too!)

    And with the re-integration of TeaTimer, Spybot could get an File- and Registry-Shield.

    - Also the Support of Firefox and Chrome HAVE be improved into the near Future!
    As for this, the Extentions could come back, and atleast help to setup the Spybot-Proxy

    - For the Scanner the PUPs and Riskware-Detection should be add and/or improved
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