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Thread: Need help identifying findings

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    Default Need help identifying findings

    I am running Windows 7 SP1 64 bit, I would greatly appreciate help identifying these results. Thank you for your time.

    // info: Rootkit removal help file
    // copyright: (c) 2008-2014 Safer-Networking Ltd. All rights reserved.

    :: RootAlyzer Results
    File:"No admin in ACL","C:\Windows\Temp\ZLT011e4.TMP"
    File:"No admin in ACL","C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Logs\tvDebug.log"
    File:"No admin in ACL","C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Logs\ZALog.txt"
    File:"No admin in ACL","C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\JARED-PC.ldb"
    File:"No admin in ACL","C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\xDB2443.tmp"
    File:"No admin in ACL","C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\xDB256A.tmp"
    File:"No admin in ACL","C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\xDB25C8.tmp"
    File:"No admin in ACL","C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\xDB25C9.tmp"
    File:"No admin in ACL","C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\xDB25D7.tmp"
    File:"No admin in ACL","C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\xDB2683.tmp"
    RegyKey:"No admin in ACL","HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE","\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\SysTray\BattMeter\","Flyout"
    RegyKey:"No admin in ACL","HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE","\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Security Center\","Svc"

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    Hello Mooky_Stank,

    Those entries are not an issue, most belong to Zone Alarm.

    Best regards.
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    Ok, thank you very much. I was pretty sure they were ok, but I just thought I'd double check.

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