On the 'start center' page, the message 'The software is being updated...' appears. It has been like that for 2 days.

When I go to the 'system scan' page, the message 'Missing signatures!' is displayed. However, the 'update' button fails to change anything.

The missing signatures are: av\Plugins\7zip.xmd


I downloaded and ran the 'manual update' file from the website, no love

I got what appears to be the same file from 'Robert' at tech support, no love and no response to my inquiry as to what is going on.

I also get the 'Many temporary files found!' message but when I try to clean them, I get the response 'Cleaned up 0 temporary files, 102 files were still in use' which doesn't seem possible. I certainly never had that experience before I used the 'free ware' version.

So now I'm posting this here in the hope that someone has an idea. Please consider you are talking to a person 66 years old who is just a user, not a programmer, so please keep it relatively simple.