Though I have a good background in security issues, and have a very well-protected system, I am new to Spybot and the way this software works. My computer is brand new, literally being less than a month old, and immediately after I got the machine I installed Ad-Aware Antivirus, Online Armor (Firewall), MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, and Zemana Anti-Keylogger, and use several applications to monitor startup programs / services / processes and clean junkware files. This time around I substituted Spybot for SuperAntiSpyware as its reviews were going down, while Spybot's were getting better.

After setting the Spybot software up initially via the settings panel, I ran the various scans offered, including the Rootkit scan. Here's my dilemma: It flagged numerous files and a few Registry keys, but frankly, I'm not sure what to do with it. On the scan page it says to not just dump everything, as some may be legitimate software using Rootkit technologies. So my question becomes one of: What do I do with the results? I can't see myself wholesale deleting these files, for while I recognize some with their included information, most are a mystery to me. Any guidance as to my next steps?

All help greatly appreciated.