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Thread: Technician Edition Portable?

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    Default Technician Edition Portable?

    Hi there, this may be a common question but I can't find the answer in a quick search. Can the technician edition be used and updated from a USB stick so it can be used to support multiple computers (like the portable version from but with the extra features of the Technician edition)?

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    Default Portable Edition

    It is possible to make your own portable edition with the use of Winrar and creating an sfx executable. Copy the program folder into the sfx and call the executable. Mine is utilizing the switches to autoscan after extraction. I put my logo in it, but I keep the spybot icon by using Greenfish Editor. One tip though is make it install into a temporary folder so that when it is done you won't have to delete it manually. It will remove itself from the computer after the program closes. Saves me time when working on a customers computer.

    I have tried the bootable spybot option but I can never get it to create the iso properly.

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    Default Bootable Usb stick / Portable

    To use Spybot as portable:

    I've tried the version from Cameyo. They have a version of "spybot 1.6" and "spybot 2.4".
    It seems to be fully functionable and works on "Windows 7" X64-Systems. To get the program, goto ""

    If you like to have your licensed version as portable, you need to download and start „edit package" at the Cameyo
    software and copy the "license.key" and "license.txt" file from the spybot directory on your harddisk to the package.

    To use spybot on a bootable usb stick, follow these steps:

    1. use spybot’s "boot cd creator" (download "Windows AIK" …) and create the Spybot Iso
    2. To get the image onto the stick, download and start the tool "Iso to Usb" from ""
    3. add the iso file to the box on top, choose the usb-stick-drive, use the file System "FAT32", type any volume label you like and click "Burn"

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    Default Supplement

    Alternative to the "isotousb" software, you can use these tools with the following instructions:

    1st Format Tool:

    - HPUSBFW v2.2.3

    Open the "HP USB Disk Sorage Format Tool, V2.2.3" with admin rights. Now you need to choose the USB drive letter in the 1st drop down menu (Device), then choose "FAT32" as File system in the 2nd drop down menu. Last you can tick the box "Quick Format" and click on "Start". When the formatting is finished, you can close all windows of this software.

    2nd USB creator
    - YUMI

    If you start the tool you just need to select the USB drive letter in the 1st drop down menu, then you need to choose "Windows Vista/7/8 Installer" in the 2nd drop down menu.
    Now you can select the (previously created) ISO with the "Browse" button. Last you can click on the "Create" button.

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