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    Default Update per Proxy


    I'm trying to update the Antivirus per Proxy and I receive the following error:
    [00:00.000] [i] Update started...
    [00:00.175] [-] Failed to download updated Spybot 2 antivirus signatures!
    [00:00.175] [-] The antivirus update failed to download files!
    Interestingly, updating the Antispyware works like a charm: (See attachment!)
    [00:00.000] [i] Update started...
    [00:00.000] [+] Updating Service is active.
    [00:00.000] [i] Using proxy:
    [00:00.011] [.] Trying to retrieve update info file from
    [00:00.302] [+] Retrieved update info file.
    [00:00.605] [.] Info file part done.
    [00:00.710] [+] The antispyware signatures are up to date.
    I switched the SpyBot proxy off. I have my own local proxy running and IE as well as Firefox work perfectly with it.

    When I open the firewall ports to allow direct access to the Internet, the Antivirus update works without a problem, even if a proxy is specified.

    It looks to me the Antivirus update ignores the proxy settings altogether and always tries using a direct connection. This is very inconvenient and in some situation impossible for me to update the program.

    Does anybody have the same problem or a solution?

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