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Thread: Chrome is not being immunized

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    Default Chrome is not being immunized

    I am new to version 2 but I expected it to immunize and help prevent problems on Google Chrome. When I run immunize, I only see results for Internet Explorer. I know that Chrome is a safer browser, but hackers know it is the preferred browser these days and have learned how to hack it.

    Is there a reason why Chrome is not scanned or able to be immunized? Or is it that Google is preventing Spybot from scanning and from protecting themselves? Or, is Spybot secretly owned by MS to make only IE users feel safer (yes, this last question is just a joke to provoke some conspiracy theorist into come up with a new urban legend)

    My question may have been answered in another thread, but for the most part, I can only find threads that are relevant to version 1.6 and not 2.4

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    Default chrome / Google have not released any API for doing immunizations / site blocking

    What you found in other threads posted about version 1.6.x still holds true for the current version.

    no matter how safe they claim chrome is,
    the inability to add sites to a restricted or blocked zone is a serious hole in my books

    it leaves you to having to resort to using other software, hardware, gpo or domain policy
    to block at the network or machine / OS level
    well that goes over like a lead balloon for the home user,

    the hosts file will help some but not as effective as direct blocks within the browser

    immunization is classified as passive blocking, but still beneficial in my books

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