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Thread: fraude.defense center NO ENTRIES TO DELETE!!

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    Exclamation fraude.defense center NO ENTRIES TO DELETE!!


    I've read all the possible entries for removing this godawful malware that keeps blocking my task manager every time i restart my laptop and I suspect does some other unwanted stuff too. Each time i run spybot, spybot removes the malware and after a restart the whole song starts all over again. I've read the manual removal and looked for all the entries, however, there are no entries to be found!None of the listed items are anywhere to be found on my machine. I'm sure its frade.defense center cause spybot keeps finding it after being run and the second it gets rid of it i can access my task manager again. Please help!This thing has been driving me freaking crazy for months now!!!
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    Hello Tone9Solar,

    Quote Originally Posted by Tone9Solar View Post
    This thing has been driving me freaking crazy for months now!!!
    That's a long time.

    Did you elevate permissions in Spybot?

    How can I get administrator rights under Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8?

    Which version of Spybot do you have installed please:

    The operating system
    Other security programs installed

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