Big fan!!

I use SpyBot at home, at work and for friends in need. And during quite a few years i have helped people get rid of some nasty stuff because of this software I will start a little campaign later on to make people in Norway, business partners, friends etc. aware of the benefits of being a paid customer of Safer-Networking Ltd. (and i will do this regardless of your answer in my current inquiry)

The case:

After a "deep search" several threats/trojans/issues have been detected and upon completion of the scan you get the option to Fix selected problems, which works fine if no files/trojan/virus is roaming free atm. But if you run the scan on an infected system you will get an issue with some files being in use and that SpyBot wants to run a scan on next reboot.......well, i see that killing processes/files in use can be a problem and that a restart would be necessary, BUT not a need for doing a completely new deep search?!

The effect of this: I search a system (could be up to 30-45 minutes). Fix some problems, get prompted to restart. Same process over, another 30-45 minutes, problems fixed.

Here's what i want:

After a search with files being in use, cache that list, give an option to ONLY DELETE THOSE ENTRIES ON RESTART!!

Again, love the software and the effort!! But please give me this option

Best regards JaZz