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Thread: possible false positives?

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    Question possible false positives?

    The following was found by SAS on a scan right after the update for spybot came down. I always download from the same web site.

    C:\Program Files\Spybotportable\App\Spybot\Update\Sdhelper
    and another

    C:\Program Files\Spybotportable\App\Spybot\Update\

    Was quaranteed by SAS and am wondering if I should delete them or are they a part of spybot program? Am waiting to find out what to do. I re-ran another scan with SAS and found nothing.
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    I am running Windows Vista, error found in SAS after full scan, latest version of Spybot Portable. Ran spybot after items were quarenteed and it ran just like always. No problems. Download on August 27th for spybot and SAS. Ran SAS on August 26th and SAS found nothing. Just wondering if it was a false positive or a real threat and if the files are needed, but apparently not as the program Spybot ran with the files in quarenteen.
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    Hello jdemnyan,

    It looks like a false positive but as it was flagged by SAS it should be reported in their forums.

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    My experience has been that almost any tool you use to clean up your computer finds other products offensive and are false positives. I've reported them with not much change so I white list them most of the time. I have Spybot running with an anti virus program all of the time. Anything else I use to clean my computer I install, update, run and then uninstall. Before mean people started infecting the internet you could disable the programs but new version updates are constant now days... may as well do a fresh download. No matter what I run, Spybot and Avast are permanent fixtures on my computer!

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