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Thread: Spybot gave me blue screen of death

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    Default Spybot gave me blue screen of death

    Installed spybot some time back, ran it and started immediately getting blue screen on every boot or reopen from sleep. After poking around in spybot I found a way to unquaranteen what it had done and immediately fixed the blue screen. I uninstalled spoybot and now am back to blue screen on every boot or wake up.

    Any suggestions on what this thing did to my otherwise perfectly running windows 8.1?
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    Windows has this,for in general:

    Next time you get the bsod,try writing down the STOP code and/or post it here.There is a list of codes here:

    Your checks.logfile should still be at C:\ProgramData\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs.Open the Checks.Logfile with the date of when the blue screens started.Once notepad opens,click Edit,Select All,then rightclick the page and select Copy and then Paste it here.

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